Video Clips

Video Clips

Hortensia Gimeno explaining using CO-OP Approach for children/youngsters with dystonia post-DBS

23 min.

Yannick, 7 Years Old Tying Shoelaces

This video shows the CO-OP ApproachTM : using different techniques so Yannick can discover his own strategies (so called tricks) to acquire the double button for his soccer shoes.

This clip can be used for critically observing techniques used, which one are supporting his learning process, which ones rather not. The application of Goal-Plan-Do-Check is  not that well shown. During the intervention Yannick will look for his plans (we have written them down) for stimulating the learning process over different activities. It’s really a pity I forgot to reflect with him on his plan for tying shoelaces at the end of the clip.Jolien and I use this video clip at day 2 of the workshop with the “observation list for therapists”: we noticed that it’s a good occasion to get familiar with his observation list and to observe critically the use of goal-plan-do-check and different techniques to support guided discovery.

This video clip has English subtitles (own translation)

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