We are the International Cognitive Approaches Network (ICAN)

The ICAN is the organization formerly known as The CO-OP Academy. We are a not-for-profit corporation whose vision is to optimize people’s participation and engagement in daily life through a variety of cognitive approaches including the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) approach. 

ICAN’s vision, mission, values and structure.

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CO-OP Resources

On this website, you can:

-   Learn about the CO-OP approach

-   Find research and publications about CO-OP

-   Find resources such as books, and links

-   Find a certified therapist or trainer

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CO-OP Training

So far, hundreds of people around the world have been trained and certified in the CO-OP approach.

Course-takers are health care professionals such as, but not limited to, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers, psychometricias and psychologists.

Get started with CO-OP training. Find the right course for you. 

ICAN's Basic and Consolidation CO-OP Online Courses/Workshops

ICAN's Basic and Consolidation CO-OP Courses and Workshops are Available in Person and/or Online Synchronously

Online courses are available. To find out more or register click here.

In person and/or synchronous online workshops are offered worldwide, in a variety of languages by a certified CO-OP instructor - see upcoming workshops to find out more.

ICAN’s Exclusive Online CO-OP Therapist Certification Course

The ICAN has sole responsibility for the certification of CO-OP therapists.

Once you have completed a 3-day CO-OP course (Basics and Consolidation), you are eligible for our online CO-OP Therapist Certification Workshop. Find pre-requisites and the paths to reach our CO-OP Therapist Certification Workshop.

We provide the Online CO-OP Therapist Certification Course in English, French and Italian.

   1. Learn about the certification course and process

   2. Available course dates

For Groups

We can provide training sessions for groups of 3 to 6, in English, French or Italian. Please email info@icancoop.org for more information.