Research Articles 2021

Research Articles 2021

2021 Japanese Study 1

2021 Japanese Study 2

2021 Japanese Study 3

2021 Japanese Study 4

2021 Japanese Study 5

2021 Japanese Study 6

Araujo 2021 Efficacy of CO-OP with and without Parental Coaching DCD

Araujp 2021 Efficacy of CO-OP Approach with and without Parental Coaching RCT Study Protocol

Brooks 2021 OT Interventions in Child and Adolescent Mental Health to Increase Participation A Mixed Methods system Review

Brown 2021 OT in Australia 2nd ed

Ellis 2021 OT Interventions for Improving HRQOL in Adults Post-Stroke A rapid system Review

Geong-Sil 2021 Chinese Effects of CO-OP Interventions on Affected Upper Extremity Use, Execution Function and Occupational Performance in Patients With Stroke

Gharebaghy 2021 Mothers' Experience of Being Involved with the Transfer of the CO-OP Approach A Qualitative Study

Gimeno 2021 Cognitive Strategy Training in Childhood-onset Movement Disorders Replication Across Therapists

Gimeno 2021 Rehabilitation in Childhood-onset Hyperkynetic Movement Disorders Including Dystonia Treatment Change in Outcomes Across the ICF and Feasibility of Outcomes for Full Trial Evaluation

Gimeno 2021 The Relative Merits of an Individualized Versus a Generic Approach to Rating Functional Performance in Childhood Dystonia

Han 2021 The Effect of the Meaningful Task-Oriented Activity on Upper Extremity Function in Patient HP stroke (CO-OP gerelateerd)

Hunt 2021 Clinician Perspectives on Implementing a Team‐based Metacognitive Strategy Training Approach to Stroke Rehab

Izadi-Najafabadi 2021 Brain Functional Connectivity in Children with DCD Following Rehab Intervention

Izadi-NAjafabadi 2021 White Matter Changes with Rehabilitation in Children with DCD A randomized Controlled Trial

Koopmans 2021 Master Thesis Training of End-State Comfort Planning in Children With Probable Developmental Coordination Disorder A CO-OP Approach

Korean Authors 2021 A Systematic Review of Developmental Coordination Disorders in South Korea_ Evaluation and Intervention

Korean Research About CO-OP 2021

Lebrault 2021 Exploring CO-OP for Children with Executive Functions' Problems

Lebrault 2021 Exploring the use of CO-OP with Child with Executive Functioning Problems 

Martini 2021 CO-OP 1-week Group Intervention with Children Referred for Motor Coordination Difficulties

Martini 2021 Parents' Experience with CO-OP Approach A consolidation of Three Qualitative Investigations

Murell 2021 Implementation Strategies and Outcomes for OT in Adult Stroke Rehab A Scoping Review

Roostaai 2022 CO-OP in Children with CP A System Review with Meta-analysis

Saeidi-Borujeni 2021 CO-OP Approach in Iranian Elderly without Cognitive Impairment A single Subject Study

Steinhart 2021 Occupation Based Telerehabilitation Intervention for Adolescents with Myelomeningocele A Pilot Study

Wolf 2021 Cognitive Oriented Strategy Training Augmented Rehabilitation COSTAR for Ischemic Stroke a Pilot Exploratory Randomized Controlled Study

Zera 2021 CO-OP Group in the Adult Rehab Setting A Feasibility Study

Zwicker & Lee 2021 Early Intervention for Children with at Risk of DCD Scoping Review