Research Articles 2020

Research Articles 2020

Allen 2020 Implementing a Shared Decision-making and Cognitive Strategy Based Intervention Including CO-OP

Chiu 2020 Therapists Experience of the Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance CO OP Approach Shifting from Conventional Practice

Dittman 2020 The Cognitive Augmented Mobility Program CAMP Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy

Farraghrer 2020 A Proof-of-Concept Investigation of an Energy Management Education Program to Improve Fatigue and Life Participation in Adults on Chronic Dialysis

Gilboa 2020 Self-Management Intervention for Attention and Executive Functions Including CO-OP

Hartmann-Schönthaler 2020 Generalisierung Transfer Lit 

Izadi-Najafabadi 2020 Training Induced Neuroplasticity in Children with DCD

Jacob 2020 A system Review of CO-OP on Motor Outcomes for Adults with ABI Abstract

Linkewich 2020 Minimal Clinically Important Differences in Functional Independence after KT Intervention in Stroke Rehab Including CO-OP

Martini 2020 Parents Experiences CO-OP Qualitative

Pierpont 2020 Increasing Generalisation and  Caregiver Self-efficacy Through CO-OP Training

Sarsak 2020 Telerehabilitation Services A Successful Paradigm for OT Clinical Services

Schwartz 2020 CO-OP for Children with DCD Goals Addressed and Strategies Used

Sousa 2020 A Collaborative and Cognitive Approach for People CP (about CO-OP)

Swanton 2020 Cognitive Strategy Training for Adults with Neurological Conditions: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Exploring Effect on Occupational Performance