Instructor Associates

As a member-driven organization, we are committed to supporting and collaborating with our instructors (associates) to promote the advancement and application of CO-OP

Note: This process applies only to those who are already ICAN Certified Instructors and have received a contract from ICAN. If you are interested in becoming an ICAN Certified Instructor, please click here for more information.

ICAN Certified CO-OP Instructors (Associates) Benefits

As an ICAN Certified CO-OP Instructor (associate), you receive the benefits of being part of a worldwide association, one that offers you the ability to stay informed on the practice of CO-OP. Additionally, as an ICAN associate instructor, you will be provided with access to exclusive services and resources. 

A Certified CO-OP Approach instructor is entitled:

  • To provide education on the CO-OP Approach in the approved CO-OP education formats
  • To use the title Certified CO-OP ApproachTM Instructor in the context of providing CO-OP education
  • To be recognized as an Associate of the ICAN corporation
  • To use the approved CO-OP Approach PowerPoint presentation teaching slides and other approved CO-OP Approach material (e.g., video clips, pamphlets) made available through ICAN*
  • To have your name appear on the official ICAN certified instructor directory page.

*Note:  You must obtain express written permission from the ICAN for use of the ICAN and CO-OP Approach logos for any other purposes (e.g., for use on business cards, advertisement, Facebook, grant applications, presentations, etc.)

ICAN Certified CO-OP Instructors (Associates) Membership Period and Cost

The fee for membership is $150.00 Canadian per year. 

The membership period will be dependent on the dates of your contract with ICAN. The standard term is two years and all instructors will be entering the second year of their contract in May 2021.  Therefore all instructors who paid only for one year will be asked to pay for one year (the second year of their current contract). 


Associate instructor fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Processing your Membership

By using our online application system, it’s easy, fast and secure!

Step 1:  To process your fee payment, go to associates product page .

Step 2:  You will see a product listed, ICAN CO-OP Certified Instructor Fee and purchasing this product by credit card will pay your fee. Please note that this product will only be posted from April 22 to June 30th. If you are unable to use a credit card, please email and we will make alternate arrangements for you.  When you purchase the product on the website, you will immediately be issued a receipt.


If you have any questions, please contact us at